【 Delivery area & Delivery price 】

  Naha City, Urasoe City, Ginowan City      →    Free/Piece area

Chatan Town                       →    $5.00/Piece area

  Okinawa City, Kadena Town, Yomitan Village  →   $10.00/Piece area

 Home service Massage

 Delivering massage for you. Our shop come from Naha City.
 Content of service is Regular massage or Aroma oil massage.

 Aroma oil massage is Improve the flow of lymph.
Regular massage is Relieve stiffness.

OPEN pm 7:00 〜 CLOSE am 1:00
  I'm sorry, but I can't no good speaking English. Please speak slowly.

newsy@ezweb.ne.jp (Only mobile phone)

【 Order flow 】

     @ May I have some questions your
telephone number & address or stay hotel & your name?

     A May I ask you need visit time?

     ※ I can visit to 30〜45 minutes after.

※ You can use the US dollars. ( Can not use $50 $100 )

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 【 Price list 】

◆ Regular 60 min course         $55.00/Piece (Only Naha,Urasoe City)

◆ Recommended 80 min course   $75.00/Piece

◆ Comfortably 100 min course     $90.00/Piece

◆ Relaxation 120 min course    $110.00/Piece

  Extension 20 min            $22.00/Piece

  Request charge             $ 5.00/Piece

  【 Notes 】

   Our shop is don't obscene service.

   Prohibition of forced obscene act.